One Response That Means Your Match Isn’t Interested

After exchanging a few messages with a match, it’s best to quickly go for the phone number. Sometimes the girl won’t make it through that filter, and that’s fine. It’s easy enough when the girl flat out refuses, blocks you, or simply doesn’t respond to the message, all of which happen fairly frequently. However, there’s one sneaky response that means she’s not interested enough to meet up with you, though, and it might not be what you think:

“Let’s talk on here more first”

This is an instant “eject” situation. I have never received so much as a phone number from a girl who wanted to “talk more” on Tinder before giving me her number, and I am willing to bet that you won’t either.

Men have trouble seeing that girls are playing a different game when dating online, on Tinder or otherwise. You’re carefully planning your responses to a few matches, trying to sound as disinterested as possible while strategically advancing the conversation towards an in-person interaction.

Girls, on the other hand, are wading through 20 or more simultaneous messages for conversational tidbits or hot bodies that excite them, all the while dealing with a deluge of incoming matches. Even if she truly wants to continue talking with you, she’s going to be distracted by the “next best thing” constantly being pushed to her list of matches. More often girls who say this are using Tinder only for attention and validation, so avoid wasting your precious time by giving it to her.

Being the pursuer and lowering your perceived value is a necessary evil of online dating for males, but you must minimize the begging you are doing for her attention by taking the interaction off of Tinder as quickly as possible. If she actively delays this process, ignore her and don’t look back no matter how nice she seems.

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